Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions stated below are in reference to the domain www.LookRemote.com, which for the purpose of this agreement may alternatively also be referred to as ‘the Website’ and ‘LookRemote’. Disagreement with any of the points outlined in this agreement should stop any party from making use of LookRemote and/or registering with LookRemote so please do read this section carefully before proceeding with registration and/or use of the services provided by LookRemote.

Anyone who makes use of services provided by the Website, be this accompanied or not by registration of an account with the Website, is agreeing to abide by employment regulation laws as set out in Maltese legislation. Employment opportunities based outside the Maltese Islands and advertised on LookRemote will be subject to employment regulations as described in laws governing the relevant geographical location.

Services provided by the Website are limited to providing exposure to vacant job situations and potential candidates, whether this be against payment or free of charge. LookRemote facilitates contact between employers and potential employees via the aforementioned domain online but is in no way involved in the selection process brought forth by the company looking to fill vacant situations. LookRemote is not involved with and is thus ignorant of any practice that may be employed throughout the selection process. LookRemote is therefore not to be held responsible for any damages incurred in the interaction that develops between employers and candidates, whichever side these potential damages may originate from.

LookRemote will also be held free from responsibility with regards to any damages that members may incur via uploading of personal information or any such data that may be considered delicate, or may eventually reveal itself to be of such nature, on the Website. Any registering individual or entity is responsible for all data published on the Website and is responsible for affecting any required changes, updates or deletions to this information once uploaded. All data uploaded must be correct, true, complete and not misleading in any manner. All registered users who have uploaded data to LookRemote can at any point in time remove such data and their accounts. If deemed appropriate to the purposes of the Website you authorize LookRemote to handle data uploaded by yourself if this process is thought of by the owners of the Website as facilitating the provision of services by the Website itself.

At its sole discretion LookRemote can terminate accounts or prevent particular users or entities from featuring in any form on the Website without the need to provide explanation for such actions.

LookRemote will make every effort in seeking to ensure that information published on its pages is updated and accurate. However, LookRemote will not be held responsible should any of the content published by its users result in delivery of incorrect information. Any damages, in any form whatsoever, will not be attributable to LookRemote be these a direct or indirect result of inaccurate information published or any technical faults related to the Website.

Any registering individual or entity is held responsible for all form of content published on the Website and may be persecuted to the full extent of the Law if what is published is in disagreement with local or international laws or with the purposes of the Website.

Causation of damage to the Website, be it via direct or indirect mechanisms, and in any which form this may happen to occur, will make the individual or entity responsible for such damages liable to prosecution under regulations as set forth by local and international Law.

Privacy Policy

Registration for a LookRemote account is required only by those Members wishing to apply for jobs and or upload their resume and make it available for employers to analyse, and employers who upload vacant situations in representation of their company or as a recruitment agency. LookRemote collects only the essential details required and visible as fields on the registration form. At no point in time will this information be passed on to third parties. Policies to safeguard handling of this information have been set in place by LookRemote preventing improper access to such information and consequent disclosure.

Registering individuals or entities are to exercise caution in handling of the username and password supplied upon registration. LookRemote is not to be held accountable for violation of accounts resulting from loss, sharing of or negligence in handling sensitive access information and consequent damages which these may result in.

The Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy as set in this agreement may be revised at any time by LookRemote. As such you are to read through this agreement and cease your use of the Website if you are in disagreement with any of the terms set forth by the owners of the Website